Searching for Peace?

The pathway of life can be a puzzling one. At times, the path can be peaceful and serene . . . the world spreads before us in beauty and splendor, and yet, at other times, the path can become dark and frightening. At these times, it is often helpful to have a companion; someone to encourage, guide and provide an accepting presence; someone to journey with us through a period that is uncertain and painful. This is what I strive to provide.

During my career as a licensed professional counselor, I have had the opportunity of working with many incredible people through transformational journeys and growth enhancing transitions. Through these relationships, I have learned that although relationships can be destructive, healthy relationships have an amazing ability to heal. Although, the majority of my work has focused on women and teens dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and recovery from abuse and traumatic events, I currently specialize in sexual addiction and am certified to treat both sex addicts and their families in their journey toward healing.

In difficult circumstances, spirituality can provide a foundation for healing, and it can also be a source of confusion and pain. My training as a pastoral counselor has equipped me to address spiritual concerns and integrate them into the healing process to the extent the client desires.